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Winter Photography Tour

This is a photography tour focusing on two main bird species – the Dalmatian Pelican and the Griffon Vulture. To take photos of Dalmatian Pelican we visit Lake Kerkini in northern Greece and for Griffon Vultures we visit the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria.

Eurasian Griffon Vulture by Dimiter Georgiev

The Best of Bulgaria Tour

Few countries can rival Bulgaria’s scenic splendour and diverse nature. The landscape changes every few kilometers to reveal alpine mountains, rivers with spectacular canyons, vast meadows and forests, coastal wetlands and sand beaches. With this tour we have tried to put together most of the country’s fascinating wildlife features and aspects. Day 1 The tour […]

A view from the Pirin Mountain by Dimiter Georgiev_cr

Spring Birding Tour in Northern Greece

A rewarding trip to one of the best preserved areas in Europe with outstanding scenery, great habitats and more than 200 species of birds to see!   Day 1 The tour starts in the early afternoon in Thessaloniki, as the tour participants will be picked up from their hotels in the area or from Tessaloniki […]

White Pelicans at Kerkini Lake by Dimiter Georgiev

Winter Birding Tour in Northern Greece

  The lagoons and lakes of Northern Greece hold huge amounts of birds that have escaped the harsh winter weather in Central and Eastern Europe. A highlight is the Lesser White-fronted Goose, the whole European population of which comes to spend the winter here. Join us on this tour for a great birding experience with […]

Greater Spotted Eagle by Mladen Vasilev

Capercaillie Photography

This tour will take you to the pristine coniferous forests of the Rila National Park, where male Capercaillies gather to their leks to display and attract females. The main target of this tour is to photograph displaying male Capercaillies at their lek. There are several males at one of the spots, but one especially has lost […]

Tetrao urogallus male 0009

Winter Birding Tour In Bulgaria

This tour will take you to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to explore two of the most important European wetlands for wintering geese. Every year hundreds of thousands of wild geese, among which almost the whole population of the globally threatened Red-breasted Goose, choose the northern Bulgarian lakes of Shabla and Durankulak as their wintering […]


Autumn Migration Tour

А tour focusing on the spectacular migration of hundreds of thousand of birds of prey, pelicans, storks and passerines along the Black Sea Flyway, known as the Via Pontica Day 1 The tour starts from Bourgas or Varna at 14.00 h in the afternoon at the latest. The tour participants will be picked up either from Bourgas […]

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Summer Butterfly & Birds Tour in Bulgaria

A 9-day wildlife holiday to Bulgaria’s south-western mountain ranges in search of the most desirable species of butterflies on the Balkan peninsula. Day 1: The tour starts in early afternoon from Sofia, as tour participants will be picked up from their hotels in the area or Sofia Airport until 14.00 h (2pm). Then we will transfer south […]

Limenitis reducta_SG

5-day Brown Bears & Birds Tour

Bulgaria hosts one of the most stable populations of the Brown Bear in Europe. About 800 animals inhabit the mountains in the central and southwestern parts of the country.

Brown Bear_Daniel Ray_r

Woodpeckers, Owls and Grouse Tour

This tour gives a great opportunity to see all the 9 species of woodpeckers, occurring in Europe, plus some elusive species of owls and grouse, staying high in the wish-list of many birders.

Pygmy Owl by Simeon Gigov